Gallions Mount in Plumstead saw our four season woodland mural we did for another local school in the newspaper. They loved it so much that they called us as to take on the 2 walls and a stage to see what we could do with them. 
The two walls and stage were very warn and dull, We was asked to come up with another woodland theme that merged from season to season. Due to a lot of the children living in high rise building and not having a garden or woodland, we felt this mural would give the children their own woodland and see the flowers and animals they would see in real life, which went down well with the kids and parents. We was also asked to come up with a design that would encourage children to drink more water and revamp an old stag backdrop that was falling apart to help reingage the children to do more talent shows. 
"The children broke up for half term and returned to 3 amazing educational murals for our playgrounds all designed and produced by Cieron.
The murals really exceeded our expectations, the detail that Cieron had put into them was amazing. It makes the playground a warmer and more joyful place to be, The children now want more murals."