After seeing what Robert & Denny's done with their crate, Harradines who are based next door to them decided to jump on board with the idea of using their back wall facing the railway to advertise as-well.
Lucky enough for them they own a gigantic proportion of this wall and we was asked to go as big as possible where the mural would be most visible.
This involved a LOT of prep work, cutting down and clearing trees and overgrown thorn bushes and then preparing the giant wall for painting.
All the effort that went into transforming this wall was most definitely worth it when you see the end result. Especially when we got some drone footage and passed the mural on the train to see the overwhelming scale of this project.
This 14 x 6 metre heigh hand painted mural can now be seen my over 10,000 a day due to the London Overground and Southern railways passengers that pass will everyday.
Harradines was very happy that we was able to take this idea to the next level and gave them some unmissable advertising! all using graffiti tactics to it's best abilities.