"We have known Cieron for many years since he was a youth looking for somewhere to show his talent who worked on a mural at Cherry orchard nursery back garden wall, which is still there today.

In more recent years Cieron has created art pieces in our Front and garden wall as well as our banner for the local hughstreet for us. Cieron has also worked in many community areas producing large murals with the local youths, which again remain untouched.

His creativity knows no bounds and we have seen him work on the smallest t-shirt to the largest wall, all with equal dynamic impact. We shall always remember coming out of the hall on a daily basis to see that Mark had created yet another masterpiece on the wall in our premises.

He is an excellent role for young people and his skill is certainly one that engages many at any one time. His calm manner ensures that even the most timid young person feels comfortable working with him.

We certainly look forward to many new projects together."